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We listen to you...and how we listen! Our process for developing your strategic approach begins with gathering a deep understanding of your work, and why it is important. From there we recommend and hone the steps it takes to get you to where you want to go. We become your passionate ally in building your success.

Michael is one of the best partners I've encountered in my years working with non-profits. His expertise across multiple business departments, including marketing, project management, technology, and operations make him an essential contact. Quick to respond, highly knowledgeable, resourceful, and friendly, it is always a pleasure to work with Michael on any project. His dedication and excellence in execution is obvious to anyone who works with him.

                                                                                      —Jason Burge, Center Stage, Inc.

"Debra is a strategic and creative thinker, with deep knowledge of both subject and how to most effectively communicate news worthy items to a larger community. During her tenue at the Museum, she established new audiences and was responsible for the huge success we realized in the following winter. I can highly recommend her."
                                                                    —Katherine French, Danforth Museum of Art

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Debra Strick, MFA
Michael Arnum, MBA, APR