What is your organization – at its core? We believe there is art in everything. Your creative vision is at the center of your work, and we are here to help others connect with that vision. We go beyond ordinary marketing and communication solutions to help your business thrive.

Tooting our horn

Thank you to our wonderful customers who make it possible for us to have marketing  and development adventures every day.

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Meet the partners

Debra Strick, MFA

Michael Arnum, MBA, APR

Why are we here?

Debra writes: You know what the MBA signifies after Michael's name, but what is the APR? It means that you are getting the very best public relations and strategic work from an accredited public relations expert. Read more here...

Michael writes: Debra is the art in Art in Everything. A creative and accomplished visual thinker, Debra brings a multitude of skills and experiences to every project,  providing  marketing, communications, and fundraising solutions for  you. Read more.